Financial Risk Management

A hands-on approach to Risk Management:
market practice beyond theory

  • Open Program
  • Start May 2024
  • Duration 4 days
  • Format Part-time weekend
  • Language English
  • Fruition Hybrid with
    one-to-one sessions
A hands-On Learning experience in Financial Risk Management
This course offers a comprehensive blend of theoretical concepts, industry best practices, and valuable insights to provide a holistic understanding of the intricacies involved in identifying, assessing, and employing hedging techniques for managing risks.

Every organization faces the constant threat of disasters, prompting daily efforts by businesses to address financial risks through a focus on hedging, risk management processes, compliance, and internal controls. However, the practical aspects of how risks are identified, evaluated, and handled remain crucial questions. In the dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape that exposes all organizations to various challenges, only a select few manage to thrive. This course aims to explore and answer these questions by furnishing theoretical frameworks and practical tools tailored for managers and senior executives. The goal is to empower companies in enhancing their approach to risk management, enabling them to navigate markets successfully, even amidst high volatility, instability, and financial turmoil.

Arianna Ziliotto
Course Director
Assets and
favorable circumstances
This program provides a business-focused, interdisciplinary learning opportunity, enabling you to acquire a diverse set of skills directly applicable in the market. It is designed to enhance your career and significantly accelerate your professional development. We assure the presence of seasoned instructors and offer flexibility in the learning process.

Experiential learning

Hands-on and business-oriented learning experience offering a 360°overview of the managerial, financial, economic and statistical implications of risk management

Multidisciplinary approach

The course is structured to provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted overview of the different disciplines pertaining to Financial Risk Management

Flexibility and One-to-One Sessions

This program is designed to allow participants to take part to an immersive and tailor-made learning experience, without taking key people away from all work-related activities for an extended period of time

Advanced content

Strong focus on daily market practices, combined with a rigorous but intuitive theoretical background

Professional skills of immediate use

The course has been designed by business experts and professionals to offer an in-depth insight into the main principles of managerial best practices

Know-how and Expertise

The lecturer has a 15 year working and teaching experience (former trader, current Risk Manager and Head of Regulatory Reporting for a London-based investment firm and University lecturer)


On Campus


Classes are going to be held partly in Castellanza (LBS) and partly in Milan (exclusive location in the heart of the city). Hands-on lessons for proactive learners, where theory and best market practices are combined.

Online Synchronous and
One-to-One Sessions


Participants can choose between in praesentia and distance learning: no pre-recorded videos, but real-time lessons, where the flexibility of distance learning is combined with the benefits of proactive attendance.



daily exposed to a wide variety of risks and willing to tackle them more effectively


eager to promote a risk-aware environment, as a prerequisite for organisational success


interested in Risk Management, even without a specific financial risks background

Operational and managerial skills: the best for your professional growth Participants will gain a deep understanding of the RM Process, with a special emphasis on trading principles and hedging practices
Risk identification
Risk assessment
VaR estimation
Settlement and Clearing
  • 01 10 May 2024 Financial Markets
  • 02 11 May 2024 Financial Derivatives
  • 03 17 May 2024 Financial Derivatives
  • 04 18 May 2024 The risk management process (RMP)
  • 05 24 May 2024 The risk management process (RMP)
  • 06 25 May 2024 Risk measures and risk metrics
  • 07 31 May 2024 Risk measures and risk metrics
  • 08 31 May 2024 One-to-one Q&A and wrap-up session
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Table of contents

Course goals
Admission & Selection Criteria
Entry fees
Course goals
Course Goals
  • Identify and evaluate (both qualitatively and quantitatively) the major risks a firm is exposed to
  • Identify the most appropriate hedging techniques, depending on the specific business contingencies
  • Critically evaluate and assess the soundness of a firm’s Risk Management Process
  • Understand the basic mechanics of trading and settlement
Admission & Selection Criteria
How to enroll

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Entry fees

The course fee is € 2.500 + VAT. This is a one-off enrolment fee due before the beginning of the course.

Promotions and Discounts:

  • Early Bird (payment within 2024/04/10): 10% discount
  • 2 members of the same company: 10% discount
  • 3 members of the same company: 15% discount

Discounts are cumulative up to a maximum of 20%.



Arianna Ziliotto

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Alessandra Centinaio

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Eleonora Ferrari

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